Top Qualities to Look for in an
ELD Solution

  • One Device for any Class of Vehicle
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable Price
  • Simple to Operate
  • Compatible for Use with Smartphones

What you need to know?

ELD compliant devices, can be done in many variations. The most common are portable mobile devices however, each device must be compliant and meet the technical specifications and be certified/registered with the FMCSA.

In some cases, FMCSA may find that an ELD listed device does not comply with the technical specifications and will remove the ELD model or version from its listing by providing a written notice to the ELD provider. Any device removal will be alert the industry through announcements on the website and various other communications.


Major Benefits of ELDs?

ELD Compliant devicesFleet managers can see all the details regarding where their vehicles are and have been. This can be very useful regarding a company’s risk management. ELD compliant devices can tell if the vehicle is stopped for five consecutive minutes. If the driver hasn’t responded to a system prompt for over a minute, the ELD will log a default duty status of “on-duty not driving.”

This can be helpful in knowing when the driver is loading/unloading the vehicle or it can detect prolonged unscheduled stops where there should be none. Frequent unscheduled stops could be mean a problem with a driver’s ability to stick to his route and/or schedule or indicate an issue with the driver that need be addressed.
Simply put, the ELD creates an easy method for tracking drivers time spent on or off the road.
Any ELD that meets the standards set by the new rule, should have a method for tracking data alterations recorded by the ELD. Such inconsistencies might indicate that devices are being tampered with and could help prevent data sabotage.

One example of an ELD that meets standards is the GO Drive HOS. This unit moves driver logs off paper and online. Each time a driver logs on or off duty, drives or rests, the system automatically calculates their available drive time and hours of available service for a 7 or 8 day week. The Geotab HOS device also allows for tracking drivers as part of a team using a sleeper birth with exceptions for emergencies and non-drive time, but still on duty time for the day or week. The Logbook is easy to use. Drivers simply log in to the mobile app and start driving. The vehicle movement automatically updates the driver status in the mobile app.