Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the system automatically log the driver on duty, driving?
A: Once the driver logs in, the system will automatically switch to On Duty when the DVIR is initiated. The duty status will automatically switch to driving when motion is detected faster than 5mph. When a vehicle stops the Geotab Drive waits 5 minutes to change the status from Drive (D) to On and the 5 minutes is added back to the driver’s drive time. Letting the system automatically change the driving status is the best way to use the system.

Q: How much personal conveyance can a driver have?
A: 75 hours is the max in the United States

Q: Is the driver tracked in privacy mode?
A: No. There is a 10 mile “blank” spot when in privacy mode. Privacy mode is not a substitution of the personal conveyance exemption.

Q: How long does a driver have to certify logs?
A: The driver has 14 days to certify the electronic logs or the carrier must print and have the driver sign the paper log.

Q: What is required for data transfer?
A: AOBRD – Show screen
ELD – data transfer – USB, email, other

Q: What if your fleet grows after 12/17/17?
A: If fleet grows, new vehicles must be ELD compliant.

Q: What if traveling out of cellular coverage?
A: If more than 8 hours, must keep a paper log and recreate log within 8 days.

Q: What if ELD stops working or malfunctions?
A: 7 days to fix and must keep paper logs until working. Extensions can be requested.

Q: What is the driver required to have in the vehicle?
A: 1.Drive Guide
2.ELD Guide
3.Compliance Guide
4.More ???

Q: How do I add a driver?
A: Submit the user information to Include first and last name, email, mobile and access level of HOS if a driver subject o FMCSA. (Drivers are not required to have email address logins. Most companies do not assign their drivers company email. Shouldn’t we teach them how to do this?)

Q: What if I am transferring a device to a new vehicle?
A: 1.In MyGeotab>Vehicles>More Details>Replace with new device

Q: What if I am using a rental vehicle?
A: Paper logs for 8 days
Enter logs in ELD when done
If the rental will be in possession for more than 8 days then it is recommended a device be installed to stay compliant.

Q: If I’m traveling outside the 150 air mile radius, what do I do?
A: Once you pass 150 air miles the driver must start using ELD. There are free add-ins available that can assist with switching to a new rule set from short haul. Creating a zone with a 150 mile radius is recommended. A rule can them be set up in the event a short haul driver crosses this zone and a notification can be sent to the parties involved.